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Space Management System

eFACiLiTY® Space Management System

Space Management System
Space Management helps in ensuring effective and efficient use of space available in a facility. eFACiLiTY® – Space Management System helps in tracking the space available in the facility and allocate space to departments and employees in an efficient manner, track occupancy for utilization analysis and reporting, help in department or project or account wise charge back and accounting leading to an efficiently managed space. The ability to manage the space by visualization of floor-plans by importing AutoCAD drawings, visually allocating space and display of utilization analysis dashboard augment the user friendliness multi-fold.

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Key Features

  • Create and manage Space Inventory along with their AutoCAD floor-plans
  • Assignment of space ownership to departments, accounts or projects
  • Seat Allocation to employees based on department, account or project
  • Provision for cross utilization of space across departments, accounts or projects
  • Provision to allocate for specific time-slots, shifts and duration
  • Attached facilities provision to view available facilities in the space
  • Setup and manage Space Inventory visually by way of Floor-plans
  • View utilization, occupancy, free space and allocate space visually using floor-plans
  • Extensive reporting capability to view
    • Occupancy by department, account or project or by space group
    • Free space by department, account or project or by space group
    • Utilization analysis by department, account or project or by space group
  • Cross department, cross account or project wise charge back reporting
  • Multi-site, multi-organization capability

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