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Energy Dashboards

eFACiLiTY® Energy Dashboards

The energy dashboards are used for monitoring the metrics of running actual buildings and they show real-time resource use information / consumption metrics and is catching up with the "smart" and "green" buildings. This is the latest in helping buildings maximize their "greenness".

Energy Dashboards
Power Generation, Carbon Footprint and Monetary Savings" instead of "Power Generation and Monetary Savings. eFACiLiTY® Energy Dashboards provides a high level view of the Energy Utilization, Water Consumption, Green Power Generation and Monetary Savings with drill-downs for more detailed analysis. Energy utilization thresholds configuration, alerts on excess utilization, knowledge repository recording reasons for excess or lower utilization etc are available for detailed investigation resulting in energy conservation and cost savings. The data is gathered from Building Automation and Control Systems (BMS / BAS) providing high accuracy. Interfaces can also be custom developed to read data directly from the Meters / devices that support popular protocols.

The intuitive management dashboards are developed using Microsoft Silverlight technology providing excellent user experience and is a must have tool for the top management and managers of green buildings and large facilities.

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Key Features

  • Draw resources consumption trends (weekly, monthly, yearly etc.)
  • Alerts on consumption beyond set limits
  • Bar / Trend / Pie Charts for easy analysis
  • View detailed consumption breakup data with comparison
  • Recording history for increase or decrease in consumption for future analysis
  • Green house gas accounting / Enterprise carbon accounting
  • Green building certification related reports
  • Monetary Savings Reports
  • Integration with Building Automation and Control Systems (BMS/BAS)
  • Custom integration with Meters / devices that support popular protocols

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