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Tenant Billing System

eFACiLiTY® Tenant Billing System

Tenant Billing System
eFACiLiTY® - Tenant billing system captures the tenant energy utilization data directly from the corresponding meters using the BMS / BAS like Tridium's Niagara Framework, Siemens Desigo Insight, Schneider's TAC Vista and Ion etc.
BMS and generates bills automatically based on the charges defined. The system also maintains the lease details and other property related information and includes the monthly rentals and other charges automatically in the bills.

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Key Features

  • A system to capture the utilization of services/utilities of tenants and generate bills for the same
  • Manage Property, Tenant, Owner and Lease information
  • Tenant Move-In, Subscription for Services, Move-Out
  • Automatic meter reading via BMS and manual option
  • Automatic bill generation
  • Tracking of Bills periodically
  • Bill Printing
  • Tenant Payments and Credit Notes
  • Bill wise Matching of Payments and Credit Notes
  • Bill Registers, Tenant Ledgers, Receivables Statement
  • Occupancy / Vacancy Analysis
  • Export of Data to other Financial Applications

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